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Frequently Asked Questions!!

Q: Should I get my chimney repaired now,  or is it safe to let it go through another winter?

A: If it is at all possible,  get your chimney repaired as soon as you notice anything unusual. It's much cheaper to repair it now, than to completely rebuild it later.

Q: Is masonry work able to be done all year long?

A: Yes, but most repair work is done only during the warmer months.  New brick and stone veneers are more commonly done all year because the areas being worked on can be enclosed and heated.


Q: What causes the deterioration to the brick and mortar on my house?

A:  The brick absorbs moisture from rain or melting snow, then freezes before it evaporates or dries out.  When the brick finally thaws and possibly freezes again, there is expansion and contraction causing cracks and spalling.

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